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You are campaign

What is the #UAre Campaign?

The #UAre Campaign was created by the Student Health Center Gamma Peer educators in October 2014 to essay help individuals on the University of Alabama campus recognize, appreciate, and value what you are versus the america i believe in essay for kids what you are not. The goal of this campaign is to increase self-appreciation on the UA campus, minimize self-hate talk, and encourage essay writer others to commit to a positive campus atmosphere.

What can I do to support #UAre?

You can support the #UAre campaign in many ways. One way is to share positivity through social media by using the hashtag, #UAre, followed by positive messaging. For example, #UAreWorthIt or #UAreBeautiful. Another way is to encourage ukraine mail order brides documentary your fellow students to engage in self-care by using resources, such as the UA Counseling Center.

A successful tabling day at Delta Delta Delta! This weeks topic is suicide prevention! #uareenough

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Think before you post! #themotto #UAreSocialMediaSafe

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