What Gamma Means to Me: Holly Adams

My name is Holly Adams and I am a junior Communicative Disorders major here at The Capstone. This is my first semester as a Gamma Greek Peer Educator. I first heard about Gamma through girls in my sorority who would speak each week at chapter. I thought it was so neat how they would present health topics through games as a way to get everyone involved and interested. When I applied to Gamma, I had no idea what amazing opportunities were in store. I have met amazing girls and guys from several Greek organizations, with several different majors, who all share a passion for spreading health awareness on our campus. I have also gotten to interact with peers in their sorority and fraternity houses. I always enjoy getting to meet a new person and discuss various health topics such as Mental Health, Body Image, and Healthy Relationships. Gamma has taught me a lot about myself and about health. I am learning valuable public speaking skills as well as becoming more aware of how to handle my finances through our Financial Health topic. Through the education Gamma provides, it gives its members the knowledge and resources to help a friend or fellow Greek member as well as to impact the university as a whole. I would love to see everyone interested in learning more about health and making an impact on our campus to apply to Gamma.

-Holly Adams