What Gamma Means to Me: Vanessa Alpert

Hello, my name is Vanessa Alpert, and I am a senior Pi Phi majoring in Psychology. As a freshman I, along with many of my friends, struggled with the change from being home and comfortable to being placed in a new and unknown environment. I struggled with being healthy and thought that if I worked out and ate tons of lettuce, I’d be happy! That was not the case at all and I ended up losing a sense of what healthy meant for me. When I entered my sophomore year I decided things needed to change, so I changed my major to a topic I had much more interest in and joined Gamma. I knew the gist of what Gamma was but I had no idea the impact it would have on others and myself. I have spent a lot of time through Gamma researching health topics and learning more about what the word “healthy” actually means. I found my passion for helping all genders have a positive body image, good mental health and learning to stay safe on campus. I realized that people don’t talk about these topics enough because of the stigma our society has on mental health, the lack of information they have on safety, and the fact that it can just feel a bit awkward to get help or give help. Gamma opened the doors for me to stop feeling this awkwardness and start making a change. Every Greek student is affected or knows somebody affected by at least one of the various topics we discuss, whether it be financial health, nutrition and exercise, eating disorders, stress and time management, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual health, or mental health and suicide. This organization allows people passionate about these topics to be heard and allows those who need help to receive it. We focus on making sure that everyone is aware of our resources on campus, such as the SHC, counseling center and women’s resource center. Also, with the plethora of knowledge I have obtained from Gamma, I am able to make it known that I am here for those who want to start the journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle, just as I have. As a Gamma you see the work you put in become something so great on campus and see the change in the lives of others. It is hands down the most rewarding and best feeling in the world to know that you have made a positive impact on, and maybe even saved, someone’s life. I highly recommend applying, especially if you have the desire to make a positive change on the health and wellness of the students in the largest Greek community in the nation!

-Vanessa Alpert, Vice President of Recruitment

Officer Vanessa