What Gamma Means to Me: Claire Parker

My name is Claire Parker, and I am proud to be a Gamma Delegate. When I initially heard about Gamma, I thought Gamma Delegates would only be nursing majors, pre-med students, and students in other health-related fields. I could not have been more wrong! After one semester in Gamma, I have learned that Gamma Delegates come from all backgrounds: different home states, different majors, different interests. Despite these many differences, we all come together because we are passionate about improving the health and safety of our Greek community, the largest in the nation, as well as our University. My goal as a Gamma Delegate is to help our Greek community be the best we can be, and I am very proud to be a part of an organization with the same goal. Health and wellness are often pushed to the back of our minds when there are so many other things going on – date parties, school work, clubs, and philanthropy events just to name a few. However, we are unable to participate in any of these events and pursue our goals if we do not focus on our mental, physical, and financial health first. The Greek community at Alabama already accomplishes so many amazing things through our campus involvement and philanthropic interests, and we can continue to do more if we remember to set time aside for our health. My experience with Gamma has been spectacular thus far, and I cannot wait to see all the great things we accomplish in the future!

-Claire Parker