What Gamma Means to Me: Caroline Slay

My name is Caroline Slay, and I am a Tri Delt junior majoring in nursing. I have also been a Gamma Greek Peer Educator since January. I first heard about Gamma from my grandbig in my sorority. When I joined, I did not realize the amount of opportunities to learn and grow as an individual that I would be given through this organization. I decided to apply because I have always been interested in my own health and encouraging others to be safe and healthy. Freshman year, I noticed that many people on campus were unaware of how to choose healthy foods and get sufficient exercise on campus. Learning to buy and prepare healthy meals or choose healthy options when eating out or at the dining halls is challenging, so I wanted to help my peers learn about ways to maintain a healthy body and body image. Gamma gave me the opportunity to educate others in the Greek system on ways to improve their health through exercise and nutrition, while encouraging them to maintain a positive body image and recognize signs of eating disorders in their friends. I love that Gamma allows each member to spend time researching topics about which they are personally passionate. Some examples of health topics covered by Gamma are financial health, stress and time management, nutrition and exercise, body image, mental health and suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, and sexual health. I believe that each Greek student is affected by at least one of those topics. I am thankful that I was introduced to Gamma here at the University of Alabama because I have learned not only important information about health and wellness, but also I have gained experience in leadership and public speaking. This organization allows Greek students to make a positive impact on the health of their own chapters and the Greek community as a whole. Gamma gives its members opportunities to see the results of their work and even save the life of a friend or other fellow Greek member through the education they provide. I encourage everyone who is passionate about health, regardless of their major, to apply.

-Caroline Slay, Secretary

Officer Caroline