What Gamma Means to Me: Syd West

My name is Syd West and I am a Gamma Delegate. Many people believe you have to be in a science-based major to be interested in peer health education and to be a part of Gamma. However, I am a Political Science/Telecommunications double-major, and neither are even remotely close to the health field! When I was a sophomore, I took a health policy class and became extremely interested in the health care of our country, specifically in mental health. College is a time of highs and lows in everyone’s lives, especially within the Greek system. It is the first time we are completely away from home, surrounded by people to compare yourself to, and the stress and lack of sleep can overwhelm anyone. I joined Gamma to bring more awareness to these problems, and let people know they are not alone. It is okay to feel this way, because there are so many resources on this campus to help. Gamma is a place where I can relate to everyone in wanting to make a difference on this campus and help those who may feel like they are lost or have no one to turn to.

-Syd West