What Gamma Means to Me: Johnny Hattner

My name is Johnny Hattner and I am a UA Gamma Delegate. When I first heard about Gamma, I was very interested in the peer education scene, and had been considering applying for Project Health. However, in Gamma, we are all a part of the Greek community, so it was even more specific to me. I’m big into all the philanthropy events and showing the world that Greek life is more than just partying and “buying your friends”, which is unfortunately how we are stereotyped. I love giving back and in Gamma, we all have the common goal of making a real difference on campus. Almost everyone has either gone through or knows of someone that has suffered from things, such as low self-esteem to depression, or even some as serious as suicide attempts or a drunk driving accident. I’ve certainly had several friends affected by this and Gamma is a place where I know that I can make a real difference in order to help prevent the next person from going too far down the wrong path and help get them back up on their feet.

-Johnny Hattner